vln, vc, pno, live electr (2ch)
Norfolk Chamber Music Festival

August 6, 2011
Norfolk Chamber Music Festival
Norfolk, CT (US)

Temple St Trio
Jessica Oddie, vln
Clare Monfredo, vc
Ariel Borensztein, pno

︎︎︎Detailed Inventory

amplified violin
amplified violoncello

amplified piano (with e-bow, see below)
midi keyboard (sine tones)

two loudspeakers
four microphones *
firewire/usb audio interface with at least four mic preamps computer (Mac OSX/Windows) running the included patch e-bow
usb midi keyboard (61 key or more)
keyboard stand
cables as needed



Trio was commissioned by John and Astrid Baumgardner for the 2011 Norfolk Chamber Music Festival. At the time, I was preoccupied with reading biographical materials about Ted Bundy and his victims, temporarily leaving the safety of my day to day life to splash around in that particular pool of unthinkable horrors. The project gave birth to the present composition, as well as a companion piece: Ted Bundy’s Requiem, based on recorded interviews with Bundy taken just before his execution in 1989.

The more abstract of the set, Trio is dedicated to the memory of Bundy’s last victim, Kimberly Leach. It’s a very minimal concoction consisting of bits and pieces from Fauré’s Requiem (Lux Aeterna) and Rachmaninov’s Isle of the Dead, orbiting sequences distilled from transcriptions of a continuous modular synth patch. These are then captured and filtered by a barely detectable electronic effects chain, acting like a collective sustain pedal.

Originally premiered by Jessica Oddie, Clare Monfredo and Ariel Borensztein at the Music Shed, Norfolk, Trio has also been performed by Red Light Ensemble (in a version with viola), Longleash and Light Matter Trio.

︎︎︎Score Excerpts

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