︎︎︎Music Lessons

  • Piano/Keyboard/Guitar/Bass lessons
  • Composition (classical/avant-garde/electronic)
  • Arranging/orchestration (any style)
  • Songwriting/lyric writing (any style)
  • Music production–recording techniques, DAWs, editing, mixing (any style)

Lessons take place

  • online via zoom
  • in person in my Williamsburg studio (if fully vaccinated
  • or, depending on travel distance, your home


30 min     $50
45 min     $75
60 min     $95

To schedule a lesson or if you have questions or requests not answered or covered on this page, please contact me directly via email (adrian dot knight at gmail dot com); I will get back to you within 24h.

︎︎︎Music Engraving (Copyist Services)

For over 10 years I’ve offered copying/engraving services to publishers, composers and musicians at competitive rates. As a composer with plenty of first hand experience working with orchestras, ensembles and performers, I understand the needs and wants of both musicians, composers and librarians. My goal is to deliver not only flawless but aesthetically pleasing documents that address all the common issues with self-published scores and parts and make the act of reading and playing as seamless as possible.

Services include: score preparation from handwritten manuscripts, scanned materials, midi files, xml files and Sibelius files; layout and editing of scores and parts; detailed proofreading to ensure compliance with present day publishing standards and MOLA guidelines. As an experienced rehearsal pianist, I make idiomatic and precise piano reductions for vocal scores (operas and choral works). Materials are delivered as print ready PDFs using standard page sizes and formats as appropriate or specifically requested.

Projects include operas, orchestral works, ensemble works, vocal works and solo/chamber works by David Lang (prisoner of the state, the loser, anatomy theater, symphony without a hero, harmony and understanding), Hannah Lash (Beowulf, Desire, Leander and Hero, The Voynich Symphony, Requiem) Fred Lerdahl (Cyclic Descent, Time and Again, String Quartet No. 4 “Chaconne”), Bernard Rands (“...in the receding mist...”, “...sans voix parmi les voix...”), Alvin Singleton (La Flora, Apple, Across Differences), Stewart Wallace (Hat Trunk) and Frank Zappa (200 Motels), as well as works by Alex Mincek, Kate Soper, Julia Wolfe, Michael Gordon, Mozart, Ives and Bruckner, most of  which end up in both print and digital formats at major publishers such as Schott Music, Red Poppy and Universal.

  • layout of full score from

Sibelius file
midi/xml file
handwritten manuscript

  • layout of parts from

Sibelius file
midi/xml file
handwritten manuscript

  • proofreading with corrections

  • piano reduction from full score

  • scores with custom graphics

custom symbols and shapes (all vector graphics)
non-standard notation
modular/box notation
multiple simultaneous time signatures

  • preparation of front matter

title page and notes
symbols/special notation guide
stage setup(s) and diagrams

  • lead sheets, chord charts, guitar tabs

  • compare with and transcribe from recordings

︎︎︎Audio Mixing & Editing

  • editing

integration of takes/punches
noise reduction/removal
enhancement/clean-up of live recordings
general maintenance (phasing, feedback, unwanted resonances)

  • mixing

analog mixing (up to 16 channels)
digital/in-the-box mixing (virtually limitless channels)
hundreds of plug-ins and auxiliary software (Waves, Izotope, Melodyne)
delivery of mixes and stems at 24-bit/44.1kHz (or 96kHz) WAV/AIFF

︎︎︎Recording & Production

  • overdubs (pre-existing part/chart/score or original)

88-key Fender Rhodes Piano (Radial DI)
Roland JX3P
Korg Monologue and MicroKorg synthesizers
electric bass (Fender Precision bass, Ampeg SVT-III, 112 Bergantino cab, Radial DI)
electric guitar (Fender Stratocaster, assorted Boss, Morley, Dunlop pedals, Radial DI)
lead and backing vocals (Shure SM7B, Røde NT1A)
delivered as stereo or mono stems at 24-bit/44kHz or as specified

  • production

direction of style, character, mood, tone
creative/original mixing and color choices
drum machine/sampler programming
original synthesizer patches

︎︎︎Arrangement & Composition

  • arrangement

(for studio productions, live performance, film, TV, web)
horn/big band arrangements
string arrangements
woodwind arrangements
percussion arrangements
custom arrangements

  • orchestration

(for studio productions, live performance, film, TV, web)
chamber orchestra
large orchestra
wind orchestra
string orchestra
custom ensemble/orchestra

  • composition

original music for film, TV, web contexts
original music for dance, theater, performance, installation contexts
original music for atmospheric and/or incidental contexts

Price Lists

      ︎Music Engraving [pdf]
      ︎Music Lessons [pdf]
      ︎Arrangement & Composition [pdf]
      ︎Audio Mixing & Editing [pdf]
      ︎Recording & Production [pdf]
      ︎Music Engraving Examples [pdf]

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