The Dividing Line
4ch video by Laura Grey
4ch audio by Adrian Knight
∞ (v1) / 25-60’ (v2)
Adrian Knight Music

March 4, 2010
Yale University Art Gallery
New Haven, CT (US)

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The audiovisual piece “the dividing line” uses four-channel audio playback along with four large video screens to create a dynamic and experiential space within a space. The completely synthesized audio is reminiscent of both rain and crackling fire. This is superimposed on ambiguious harmonies that perhaps suggest a distant choir humming. The video component consists of shadows cast on a wall, flickering and changing. Each channel is an individual real time capture of this moving light. The four videos differ in their pacing and rhythm but share a similar atmospheric quality. The video and audio channels each run on an independent loop, creating an infinite counterpoint. Together, the sound and video create a unique hypnotic experience of extended duration. Because both the sound and the imagery are not immediately recognizable, but are instantly familiar, the experience is both meditative and jarring. There is a constantly slipping interplay between the real and the abstract.

The work exists in two versions:

Installation of indefinite duration (4ch).
Using all four videos.
Performance piece of 25’ (minutes) to 1 hour (quad/stereo).
Using any or all of the four videos.

Audio equipment needed for version 1
computer with maxMSP or maxMSP runtime
audio interface with four discrete outputs
four speakers*
(optional four bus mixer)

Audio equipment needed for version 2
computer with maxMSP ormaxMSP runtime
audio interface with two or four discrete outputs
two or four speakers
(optional two or four bus mixer)

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