God’s Children
2 fl, 2 cl, 2 alto sax, 2 ten sax, vib, el pno, pno
Nonsemble 6
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2 flutes
2 clarinets in Bb
2 alto saxophones
2 tenor saxophones

electric piano*

* Fender Rhodes or equivalent


‘God’s Children’ is a meditation on the social pressures of religious zeal, a song-without-words taken from an unfinished monodrama about a Scientologist who died while under observation by ‘the church.’ Inside that ostentatious pressure chamber there must still be human beings, I thought, and I felt compelled to try to understand them.

It is the second in a set of three pieces dealing with the subject matter, preceded by 'Humble Servant' for solo percussion and ‘The Royal Scotsman’ for saxophone and electric guitar with optional piano and percussion. The three works may be performed back to back or separately.

'God's Children' is scored for two flutes, two clarinets, two alto saxes, two tenor saxes, vibraphone, electric piano (Rhodes) and piano. Oddly repetitive yet disorienting, the music spins ever inward, circling itself like a cat its tail. At the same time, I wanted the work to evoke a sense of true community, cleared of rank and status: a basic state of being, connecting with our core humanity.

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